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FLG's managing partner maintains a direct relationship with all of the firm's clients.  Project responsibilities are spread among the firm's team of professionals to maximize efficiency and leverage expertise. To assist in matters outside of FLG's core expertise, the firm maintains regular affiliate relationships with a carefully selected group of experienced attorneys at firms across the country, which we involve on a project-by-project basis to handle specialized areas such as tax, non-profit law, employment, bankruptcy, litigation, and other disciplines. We also work with many of our clients' local general practice law firms to address state law and corporate matters and to comply with bar requirements. This approach applies a streamlined, efficient structure to handle our clients' day-to-day general publishing and intellectual property matters, while maintaining the flexibility to efficiently address other specialized matters when a project requires.

Our large law firm experience and expertise without the large firm overhead enables FLG to provide high-quality, efficient legal representation and to focus our attention on the matters that are truly significant to our clients' goals.

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