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Artificial Wave of the Future? Publishing and Artificial Intelligence

Free Speech, Publishing, and the Supreme Court

Urgent Action Required for ECPA Members to Seek Emergency Financial Relief

Major Privacy Law Shift and Book Titles as Trademarks

Religious Liberty Challenges

How to Avoid Liability for Third Party Content Posted to Your Site

The (Copyright) Times They Are A-Changin’

Publishers Lose Fair Use Fight Over Electronic Excerpts

Copyright Considerations: Photographs of Design Objects and Foreign Law

Apple’s Supreme Court Appeal and the Future of Ebook Distribution

A New Era for Fair Use: Court Changes Fair Use Law in Google Decision

Family Christian Stores Bankruptcy: What It Means for Publishers

Court Upholds Digital Scanning of Books for Database

Three Cases for Christian Content Creators 1) Avoiding Online Copyright Infringement 2) A Victory for Backlist Ebook Rights 3) The Contraception Mandate Goes Back to Washington (Hobby Lobby)

Court Finds Google Books Project Protected by Fair Use

The Online Sales Tax Debate: Illinois Strikes Down State Law

Senate Passes Online Sales Tax Bill; Future Uncertain in House

Supreme Court Rules Against Publishers On First Sale Issue

The Digital Secondary Market: Amazon’s Plans for a “Used” eBook Store

Health Care Law Revises Contraception Requirements for Religious Employers

Religious Employers and the Health Care Mandate: Who Is Exempt?

Clarity in Determining Fair Use Still on Reserve

Digital Content: Tools Available to Publishers to Control Downstream Use

A New eBook Revenue Model for Publishers?

Observations on the Google Books Settlement


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